Adds a FlowLandingPage as a PageType.

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dev-master 2016-11-17 03:48 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-20 11:24:27 UTC


Panels with an image and text. full, half, third, and quarter panels that stretch the full width of their container


composer require dunatron/joy-flow-panels

What happens

A new Page type gets created 'FlowLandingPage' this page type has a panel tab in the cms, where it will build Panels.


Panel Title

This does not do anything in the out of box template and is just used for reference by the user

Panel Text

The body of text contained within the panel. If the texts exceeds the height of the panel the overflow will scroll, meaning the text box is scrollable

Panel Url Link

This field will take the entire url of the page it is linking to.

e.g. linking to 'about-us' page the value will be http://mysite/about-us

Hash Color

This is the color of the panel, It will apply inline css to the template and can accept either hash or rgb colors

e.g. #FF5733 OR rgb(255,87,51)

Panel Type

OPTIONS: full, half, third, quarter

used to specify how much width the panel will consume within its container

Panel Image

The background image used for the panel

##CSS Override There are a few ways to do this.

1) new Page type.

Instead of extending FlowLandingPage_Controller like this

MyLandingPage_Controller extends FlowLandingPage_Controller

(which includes the css). `You can extend extend off your base page controller instead e.g. Page_Controller

2) clear your controller of requirements

public function init()

##ToDo/Config As it currently stands to get more functionality out of this page you would create your own page type extending FlowLandingPage. e.g. MyLandingPage extends FlowLandingPage.

I would like to add be able to apply these fields to any other page (some sort of extend in yml file)