Reads the temperature from a dual channel temperature sensor from Omega

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Last update: 2022-08-08 11:05:21 UTC


PHP script that connects to the Omega dual channel temperature sensor over a socket.

How to?

run php index.php {ip} {port?} on the command line. Default port is 2000.

You can also refer to index.php on how to run this within your own script.

It's important to know that because the box does not respond instantly, this script can take a few seconds to run. If you are running this on the web, best run it as a seperate task and cache/database the results.

Omega Settings

Via the web interface for the Omega box, go to Configuration. Under "Terminal Server", set the following settings:

  • Server Type: Continuous
  • Forward CR: disable
  • Number of Connections: 3
  • Port: 02000
  • Disconnect After Data Sent: False (Unchecked)