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A module for SilverStripe that allows you to easily create sitemap pages.

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This module is forked from ajshort/silverstripe-sitemap and updated for SilverStripe v3.1

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  • SilverStripe 3.1

Original Documentation

Documentation (GitHub Wiki)

Installation Instructions

  1. Place the directory this file is in on the root of your SilverStripe installation. The folder should be named "sitemap".
  2. Visit "" in your browser to rebuild the database. This should add a default sitemap page.
  3. The CMS should now have a "Sitemap Page" page type, and there should be a default sitemap available.

Installation with Composer

composer require "ducksoupdev/sitemap:*"

Usage Overview

Known Issues

If you come across any issues please report them at the Issue Tracker.