The make code by script for laravel5

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The package same as artisan command in Laravel


Step 1: install package

Config in composer.json

     "dtech-lar-cli/cli": "dev-master"

then run command:

composer install

or run command:

composer update
Step 2: create dtech as artisan
  • Copy "dtech" file from "/vendor/dtech-lar-cli/cli" into root folder.

Show command list

In root folder, run command

php dtech make

then show comand list

make:controller          Create controller in folder app/Http/Controllers/
make:function            Create store function in folder database/migrations/
make:model               Create model in folder app/Models/
make:procedure           Create store procedure in folder database/migrations/
make:repository          Create repository in folder app/Repositories/
make:request             Create request in folder app/Htpp/Requests/
make:scope               Create scope in folder app/Scopes/
make:trait               Create trait in folder app/Traits/
make:trigger             Create trigger in folder database/migrations/


  • Make Controller: base folder "/app/Http/Controllers"
php dtech make:controller Product

File: app/Http/Controllers/ProductController.php will be created


php dtech make:controller Admin/Product

File: app/Http/Controllers/Admin/ProductController.php will be created

  • Make Model: base folder "/app/Models"
php dtech make:model Product

File: app/Models/Product.php will be created


php dtech make:model Admin/Product

File: app/Models/Admin/Product.php will be created

  • Make Repository: base folder "/app/Repositories"
php dtech make:repository Product

File: app/Repositories/ProductRepository.php will be created


php dtech make:repository Admin/Product

File: app/Repositories/Admin/ProductRepository.php will be created

  • Make Request: base folder "/app/Http/Requests"
php dtech make:request Product

File: app/Http/Requests/ProductRequest.php will be created


php dtech make:request Admin/Product

File: app/Http/Requests/Admin/ProductRequest.php will be created

  • Make Scope: base folder "/app/Scopes"
php dtech make:scope Product

File: app/Scopes/ProductScope.php will be created


php dtech make:scope Admin/Product

File: app/Scopes/Admin/ProductScope.php will be created

  • Make Trait: base folder "/app/Traits"
php dtech make:trait Product

File: app/Traits/ProductTrait.php will be created


php dtech make:trait Admin/Product

File: app/Traits/Admin/ProductTrait.php will be created

  • Make Store function: base folder "/database/migrations". Params: function name.
php dtech make:function get_user_list

File: database/migrations/2018_10_18_012236_function_get_user_list.php will be created

  • Make Store procedure: base folder "/database/migrations". Params: procedure name.
php dtech make:procedure user_count

File: database/migrations/2018_10_18_012811_procedure_user_count.php will be created

  • Make Trigger: base folder "/database/migrations". Params: trigger name and table name.
php dtech make:trigger after_insert users

File: database/migrations/2018_10_18_012822_trigger_after_insert.php will be created


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