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Using .Net code from PHP needs not to be a nightmare any more! Built upon the com_dotnet extension this library allows you to easily integrate your .Net code into any PHP application.

  • Use any .Net binaries (even without COM Visibility).
  • Write code in PHP that consumes any of the .Net Framework libraries out of the box.
  • Automatically generated PHP class dumps for IDE integration.
  • Iterate over .Net collections directly from PHP.
  • Propagation of .Net errors into native PHP exceptions that can be properly handled and examined.
  • Acces native enums and static methods.
  • Use class constructors with parameters.
  • Debug .Net and PHP code at the same time as if it was a single application.
  • Works with libraries compiled for any version of the .Net framework (including 4.0 and above)

See it in action


Download the examples project from GitHub

NetPhp Sample

[Check out the NetPhp User Guide] (http://www.drupalonwindows.com/en/blog/netphp-user-guide)

This code in C#:

string javascript = "";
Microsoft.Ajax.Utilities.Minifier m = new Microsoft.Ajax.Utilities.Minifier();
Microsoft.Ajax.Utilities.CodeSettings settings = new Microsoft.Ajax.Utilities.CodeSettings();
settings.OutputMode = Microsoft.Ajax.Utilities.OutputMode.SingleLine;
settings.PreserveFunctionNames = false;
string minified = m.MinifyJavaScript(javascript, settings);

Can be writen like this in PHP:

$minifier = netMinifier::Minifier_Constructor();
$settings = netCodeSettings::CodeSettings_Constructor();
$csssettings = \ms\Microsoft\Ajax\Utilities\netCssSettings::CssSettings_Constructor();
$result = $minifier->MinifyStyleSheet($css, $csssettings, $settings)->Val();