UI Suite Bootstrap demo

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A demo profile for ui_suite_bootstrap drupal theme.

With a focus on those example pages:


On your system, you need git, composer and sqlite installed.


$ composer create-project drupal/recommended-project ui_suite_bootstrap_demo
$ cd ui_suite_bootstrap_demo
$ composer require drush/drush
$ composer require drupal/ui_suite_bootstrap_demo
$ composer config repositories.bootstrap '{ "type": "package", "package": { "name": "asset/bootstrap", "version": "4.6.1", "type": "drupal-library", "extra": {	 "installer-name": "bootstrap" }, "dist": { "type": "zip", "url": "https://api.github.com/repos/twbs/bootstrap/zipball/043a03c95a2ad6738f85b65e53b9dbdfb03b8d10", "reference": "043a03c95a2ad6738f85b65e53b9dbdfb03b8d10" } } }'
$ composer require asset/bootstrap"

Config & site building

There are many ways to build those examples pages in Drupal. For example, a card wall can be an entity reference formatter, or a view style. A button can be an entity reference formatter or a link formatter. A grid can be a view style or a layout. etc.

Here is what we did in this demo:


  • Mainly based on entity reference fields.
  • Full page display: /admin/structure/types/manage/album/display
  • Cards display: /admin/structure/media/manage/image/display/card
  • Cards image style: /admin/config/media/image-styles/manage/card


  • A mix beween entity reference fields and inline blocks in layout.
  • Full page display: /admin/structure/types/manage/carousel/display
  • Marketing: /admin/structure/block/block-content/manage/marketing
  • Slide image style: /admin/config/media/image-styles/manage/slide
  • Marketing image style: /admin/config/media/image-styles/manage/marketing
  • Featurette: /admin/structure/block/block-content/manage/featurette
  • Featurette image style: /admin/config/media/image-styles/manage/featurette


  • Mainly based on a views query and the ability of overriding layout by content (for the first package button).
  • Full page display: /admin/structure/types/manage/pricing/display
  • Package: /admin/structure/block/block-content/manage/package/display
  • Packages: /admin/structure/views/view/packages

Default content

Some example content is automatically imported during the installation:

  • An album page: /node/1
  • A carousel page: /node/2
  • A pricing page: /node/3