Provides a quick and easy way of replacing text.

dev-7.x-1.x 2014-10-08 17:34 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-09-10 06:19:46 UTC


Provides a quick and easy way to replace any text on the site.


  • Easily replace anything that's passed through t()
  • Locale support, allowing you to override strings in any language
  • Ability to import/export *.po files, for easy migration from the Locale module
  • Note that this is not a replacement to Locale as having thousands of overrides can cause more pain then benefit. Use this only if you need a few easy text changes


  1. Extract to your sites/all/modules directory.
  2. Enable the module in admin/build/modules.
  3. Configure the access permission in admin/user/access or admin/user/permissions.
  4. Visit admin/settings/stringoverrides or admin/config/regional/stringoverrides and fill in the strings you'd like to replace.
  5. Dance (if you arn't dancing, then try emptying your cache)!


  1. Empty your cache
  2. Check your settings.php for any $conf["locale_custom_strings_en"] overrides, these conflict with the administration interface
  3. Check the code to make sure your override is what's presented in t() in the code
  4. Overlay module has been reported to break the administration. Please make sure to remove the "overlay=" in the URL.


Head over to the project on GitHub for the issue queue. Features and bug fixes are done through pull requests.