Composer Plugin for downloading Drupal translation files

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Composer plugin for automatically downloading Drupal translation files when using Composer to manage Drupal projects.

This plugin is useful when you want to package your project and then deploy this package on a target environment and that this environment does not have access to a localization server. So you have to prepare the translations before deploying.

It avoids you to have to put the localization files under your VCS or to have a local site to download the translations.


Run composer require drupal-composer/drupal-l10n in your composer project before installing or updating drupal/core.

Once drupal-l10n is required by your project, it will automatically download the translations files whenever composer update download new versions of Drupal projects installed. It also runs on composer require command.

You can manually download the localization files according to your configuration by using composer drupal:l10n.


You can configure the plugin by providing some settings in the extra section of your root composer.json.

  "extra": {
    "drupal-l10n": {
      "destination": "translations/contrib",
      "languages": [

The destination parameter may be used to specify the destination folder of the translation files. By default the destination is sites/default/files/translations.

The languages parameter specify the languages you want to retrieve.

Drupal configuration

You can say to Drupal to not download translations files by updating your configuration on the pages:

  • /admin/config/regional/translate/settings: Local files only option
  • /admin/config/media/file-system: Interface translations directory field

or by putting the following lines in your settings.php file:

$config['locale.settings']['translation']['path'] = 'translations/contrib';
$config['locale.settings']['translation']['use_source'] = 'local';