Swiper gallery media integration.

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Swiper gallery is a custom integration of Swiper for the media gallery.

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This module provides a field formatter that allows a media gallery to be rendered in a preconfigured Swiper gallery.


  • Desktop & mobile mode, automatically switches between the two.
  • Desktop mode: Looping horizontal slides with thumbnails for navigation.
  • Mobile mode: Vertical slides.
  • Breaker blocks which are inserted after every x image.
  • Url navigation to slides & option to replace history for every slide.
  • Track page impressions for IVW and GTM if available.


  • No configuration of the swiper instance, all is preconfigured.
  • Gallery slides can not be used with responsive image styles.

Browser support

Browser from version
Android Browser 4
Chrome 61
Chrome for Android 61
Edge 15
Firefox 57
Internet Explorer 11
Opera 49
Safari 9+604
Safari Mobile 11
Samsung Internet 5.2


Supported Modules

Page impression tracking is supported out of the box for the following modules:

When the corresponding JS object is detected it will track an impression on every slide.

Ad entities can be inserted via breaker block (see Ad entities as breakers):


  • Install the module as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See Installing Drupal 8 Modules for further information.


To enable the gallery, the field formatter for a media gallery must be set to Swiper gallery (Gallery formatter).

Since the viewmodes of the slides & preview are also configurable, they should be set up first (Image viewmodes).

It is important to use a separate image style for the gallery slides since it is necessary to alter the image tags to be able to lazy load them with swiper. This is done in a preprocess hook (see swiper_gallery_preprocess_image()).

The used image styles for the slides must then be added to the settings file. To do so, copy the /config/install/swiper_gallery.settings.yml to Drupal's config directory if it wasn't done so during the installation and add one or more image styles to the slide_image_styles variable.

Image viewmodes

Add and configure image viewmodes for the gallery:

  • Goto /admin/structure/media/manage/image/display
  • Setup viewmodes for:
    • The gallery itself (e.g.: swiper gallery)
    • The slides inside the gallery (swiper gallery slide)
    • The preview image for the media preview (swiper gallery media preview)
    • The preview image for the thumbs preview (swiper gallery thumbs preview)
    • The thumbnails in the thumbs preview (swiper gallery thumbs preview thumb)
  • Create an image style for the gallery slides & set it in the slide viewmode

Gallery formatter

Select & configure the Swiper Gallery field formatter:

  • Goto /admin/structure/media/manage/gallery/display
  • Add & select the gallery viewmode (swiper gallery)
  • On Media images select the format Swiper Gallery
  • Open the field formatter settings & assign the viewmodes
  • Optionally configure other settings, like launcher text or breaker blocks

Custom lazy loading icon

To set a custom loading icon, add the scss (or the css equivalent) in your theme like this, eg.:

.gallery {
  .gallery-slide .swiper-lazy-preloader {
    animation: none;
    &:after {
      all: initial;
      position: absolute;
      left: 50%;
      top: 50%;
      transform: translate(-50%, -50%);
      content: url('/assets/images/infinity-loader.gif');
      background: transparent;

Ad entities as breakers

If you want to display an AdEntity on every x slide, you can configure the breaker to be an AdDisplay block.

Since we had troubles with loading of ads you need to disable the initialization for the ad entities that are used in the breaker. The ads will be initialized by the gallery (see build/src/components/05-gallery/gallery-ads.js)

The reason for this is because of the looping functionality of swiper, which will generate duplicates of the slides and put them before and after the main slides. The ad entity module would initialize the first ad slide, which is a duplicate, but the visible ad slide would stay uninitialized.

Development / Contributing

For development you can use the Demo as a starting point. You can setup a development environment which contains a full drupal installation within a docker container with test content & automated tests.

For how to build assets see build/README.md


Try the gallery in a drupal demo installation within a docker container. Visit https://github.com/drunomics/swiper-gallery-demo and follow the README.


Supporting organizations: