Drupal helper for using the Amazon Product Advertising API 5 SDK.

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1.1.2 2021-09-10 09:26 UTC

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Last update: 2022-05-27 08:49:56 UTC


Deprecated: moved to https://www.drupal.org/project/amazon_paapi

Amazon Product Advertising API

Provides a service to load the Amazon PA API SDK 5.0 with credentials that are saved in Drupal. This is supposed to be a lean module, requests must be assembled using the classes in the SDK as there are many possibilities to compose a request. Which also means that error handling is up to the developer who implements them.


Install the module via composer:

composer require drunomics/amazon_paapi

Enable the module as you would a normal drupal module.

Sign up for an Amazon AWS account to use the Product Advertising Service.

Enter the api credentials, partner tag and region details on


The credentials can also be set in environment variables, if done so they will override settings, the environment variables are:



For an example how to create a request see the test ASIN page


For further examples see the SDK (drunomics/paapi5-php-sdk) which will be downloaded via composer when installing the module.