Install or uninstall Drupal modules based on composer operations.

1.0.0 2016-09-27 15:18 UTC


This project is a composer plugin that integrates Drupal command-line tools (drush, drupal console) with composer. When installing or uninstalling Drupal module(s) using composer you had to manually install/uninstall the module(s) independently.

With this plugin installed composer will execute drush or drupal console commands based on the operation being performed, which leads to a more seamless development workflow.


Run composer require droath/drupal-module-installer:dev-master in your composer project.

Once installed you'll get a prompt when installing or uninstalling Drupal modules using composer. It will ask you if you would like to install/uninstall (based on the operation being performed) the newly added module.


The default binary that will be used is drush. You can define a binary that you would like to use when executing commands in the extra block in the composer.json.

"extra": {
    "drupal-module-installer": {
        "binary": "drush",
        "drupal_root": "[DRUPAL_ROOT_RELATIVE_PATH]"

Extra Options:

  • The binary option allows the following:
    • drush
    • drupal
  • (Optional) The drupal_root option allows a relative path to the Drupal project. The script attempts to find the Drupal root itself, the path defined here will be used if it's unable to find it.


Feel free to hack on this project. Please submit PRs or feature/bug issues on the GitHub project.