Super-simple, minimum abstraction FrontApp API wrapper

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Super-simple, minimum abstraction Front API wrapper, in PHP.

In the style of my MailChimp wrapper, this lets you get from the FrontApp API docs to the code as directly as possible.

Requires PHP 5.4 and curl.


You can install frontapp using Composer:

composer require drewm/frontapp

You will then need to:

  • run composer install to get these dependencies added to your vendor directory
  • add the autoloader to your application with this line: require("vendor/autoload.php")


Start by use-ing the class and creating an instance with your API key

use \DrewM\FrontApp\FrontApp;

$FrontApp = new FrontApp('abc123abc123abc123abc123abc123');

Then, list all your inboxes (with a get on the inboxes method)

$result = $FrontApp->get('inboxes');


Create an inbox (with a post to the inboxes method):

$result = $FrontApp->post("inboxes", [
				'name' => 'Support'


Update a channel member with more information (using patch to update):

$channel_id = 'cha_123';

$result = $FrontApp->patch("channels/$channel_id", [
				'settings' => [ 'webhook_url' => 'https://example.com/hook' ]


Remove a contact using the delete method:

$contact_id = 'ctc_123';


Quickly test for a successful action with the success() method:

$result = $FrontApp->get('inboxes');

if ($FrontApp->success()) {
} else {
	echo $FrontApp->getLastError();


To get the last error returned by either the HTTP client or by the API, use getLastError():

echo $FrontApp->getLastError();

For further debugging, you can inspect the headers and body of the response:


If you suspect you're sending data in the wrong format, you can look at what was sent to FrontApp by the wrapper: