Shopware 5 Connector for TYPO3 CMS

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A Shopware 5 Connector for TYPO3 CMS 8.7

Templates & Layouts


The extension registers the global fluid namespace swc. This means that you can access all ShopwareConnect ViewHelpers any time, anywhere - e.g. to resolve and display product images.


The templateRootPaths TypoScript option is native to TYPO3 and most developers should feel familiar with it.

In essence you can add a new path where templates are trying to be resolved from:

plugin.tx_swconnect {
    view {
        templateRootPaths.20 = EXT:mytheme/Resources/Private/Templates/Plugins/SwConnect/
        partialRootPaths.20 = EXT:mytheme/Resources/Private/Partials/Plugins/SwConnect/
        layoutRootPaths.20 = EXT:mytheme/Resources/Private/Layouts/Plugins/SwConnect/


All product images can be rendered with the f:media-ViewHelper once resolved through swc:media.product.image.

An example for rendering a single products image:

    Grab the Image from the product, then convert it with the media.product.image ViewHelper, 
    then give it a local name. 
{product.images.0 -> swc:media.product.image() -> f:variable(name: 'teaserImage')}

    Render the assigned image like any other medium with all the traits and benefits of media rendering in TYPO3
{f:media(file: teaserImage)}

Custom templates

The extension adapts the dynamic custom layouts approach from EXT:news (kudos to @georgringer). As an integrator you have the option to use layouts through the plugins' flexform, or TypoScript.

To define a layout, you can use TSconfig or the global configuration array:

# ext_tables.php
$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXT']['sw_connect']['templateLayouts'] = [
    // key => label
    25 => 'LLL:yourext/locallang.xlf:someString',
    26 => 'Bar',
    150 => '--div--,Special Option Group',
    151 => 'Layout Label',



tx_swconnect.templateLayouts {
    25 = LLL:yourext/locallang.xlf:someString
    26 = Bar
    150 = --div--,Special Option Group
    151 = Layout Label

Usage in the templates:

<f:if condition="{settings.templateLayout} == 99">
        <f:render partial="Teaser" arguments="{_all}"/>    
        <f:render partial="Default" arguments="{_all}"/>    


Signals can be used to enhance the core extension functionality.

Class Signal Info
DPN\SwConnect\Backend\ToolbarItems collectStatus Implement DPN\SwConnect\Slot\StatusCollectorSlotInterface to enhance the Backend Status Item reports

CLI Tasks

Product Header Data

In the first, naive implementation, product names for backend forms were dynamically loaded through a cache.

You need to import the article data through the sw_connect:articles:import task before any articles appear in the backend forms.

vendor/bin/typo3 sw_connect:articles:import