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DreamFactory Services Platform(tm) Core

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This is the DreamFactory Services Platform™ Core Server repository. It contains the core web components necessary to run the system. The code is available for use under the Apache Version 2.0 license.

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Please visit our wiki for detailed platform and API documentation.

Instructions for installing DreamFactory in various environments

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DreamFactory is an open source mobile backend that provides RESTful services for building modern applications.

DreamFactory automatically generates a comprehensive, customizable, and secure REST API for any backend data resource, including SQL, NoSQL, file storage, email, and push notifications.

Other important features include server-side scripting, API customization, single sign-on, user management, record-level access control, interactive API docs, and client SDKs.

In technical terms, DreamFactory is a LAMP / WAMP / MAMP stack that runs on Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, Debian), Windows, and Mac OS X. As such, DreamFactory scales horizontally and vertically based on the number and size of servers. Installation options are highly flexible. You can install DreamFactory on your IaaS cloud, PaaS provider, on premises server, or laptop.

DreamFactory is “runtime” software, which is to say that your application makes API calls to DreamFactory and DreamFactory returns JSON (or XML) at runtime back to your application over SSL.

To learn more about DreamFactory's features, check out the DreamFactory overview.

Feedback and Contributions

  • Feedback is welcome in the form of pull requests and/or issues.
  • Contributions should generally follow the strategy outlined in "Contributing to a project"
  • All pull requests must be in a "git flow" feature branch to be considered.