Drahak\Tables - Nette framework addon for simple tables creation.

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Drahak\Tables Nette framework addon for simple tables creation.

  1. Setup table
protected function createComponentAccountsTable()
	$table = new Table;
	$table->setDataSource(new DefaultDataSource($this->context->connection->table('account')));

	$table->addText('id', '#');
	$table->addText('username', 'Jméno');
	$table->addText('email', 'E-mail');
	$table->addDateTime('joindate', 'Registrován', 'd/m/Y H:i:s');
	$table->addDateTime('last_login', 'Poslední přihlášení', 'd/m/Y H:i:s');

	return $table;
  1. Render table

You can use control {control accountsTable} or custom renderer just like in Nette\Forms:

{table accountsTable, class => 'table'}
			{th id, class => 'column-id' /}
			{th username, class => 'column-name' /}
			{th email /}
			{th joindate /}
			{th last_login /}

		<tr n:foreach="$table->rows as $row">
			{td id /}
			{td username /}
			{td email}
				<a href="mailto:{$value}">{$value}</a>
			{td joindate}
			{td last_login}
				{if $originalValue == '-0001-11-30 00:00:00'}

Note that macros can be auto-closed by adding slash '/' at the end of macro. In this case will be used default column renderer.


All columns are implementation of Drahak\Tables\Columns\IColumn. Base implementation of this interface is abstract class Drahak\Tables\Columns\Column and derivates Drahak\Tables\Column\TextColumn and Drahak\Tables\Column\DateTimeColumn.

You can add columns to the table by calling methods Table#addText, Table#addDateTime or appended it to the table $table[] = new TextColumn('my_column', 'My Column');. Columns are components.


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