PHPUnit extension to add database functionality

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Alliance is a PHPUnit extension that adds in functionality for using a database in integration and functional testing. This will clean and run database migrations automatically between test runs, and provides additional assertions for checking data inside of the database.

This extension is not meant to be a replacement for unit tests, but as a compliment for when actual database testing needs to be done. Tests that use Alliance will be slower than traditional unit tests.


Installation is done via Composer and should be added as a dev requirement:

composer require --dev dragonmantank/alliance

Alliance requires PHPUnit 8.0 and PHP 7.2 or higher.


Alliance is configured through a combination of the phpunit.xml file for your project as well as the configuration settings your migration library already uses. This allows you to maintain your DB settings in an expected location for your application, and Alliance will ingest that to do it's job.

For the most part, you will need to add a new <extensions> block to your phpunit.xml file, and modify the configuration options. Each migration library plugin will have its own set of configuration.

More information can be found in the "Configuring Extensions" portion of the PHPUnit Manual.

Configuring Phinx

    <extension class="Alliance\DbTester">
                <!-- Config file path is relative to the phpunit.xml file -->
                <element key="config_file"><string>phinx.yml</string></element>
                <!-- Environment block to read from your config file -->
                <element key="environment"><string>testing</string></element>


All you need to do is have your extend Alliance\DbTestCase instead of PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase. This will allow the extension to detect that it needs to run the database mechanisms.

namespace MyAppTest;

use Alliance\DbTestCase;

class FooTest extends DbTestCase


Alliance\DbTestCase will expose some database-specific assertions that you can then use in your tests.

New Assertions

assertNotInTable(string $table, array $query)

Make sure that a specified row does not exist in the specified table. $query is an array of columns and values that will be used to build an AND query to check for the row.

$this->assertNotInTable('posts', ['title' => 'My Post title']);

assertSingleRowInTable(string $table, array $query)

Make sure that a specified row does exist as a single row in the specified table. $query is an array of columns and values that will be used to build an AND query to check for the row.

Multiple rows that match the query will cause this assertion to fail, so make sure your query is as specific as possible.

        'id' => $post->id,
        'title' => $post->title,
        'slug' => $post->slug

Supported Migration Libraries


Licensed under the Apache License 2.0