Adds special classes to the Control Panel's <body> tag.

2.1.0 2018-05-11 06:03 UTC


Add special classes to the Control Panel's <body> tag.

This version is for Craft 3. To install it, visit the Plugin Store in your site's Control Panel.

For the Craft 2 version, see the v1 branch...

Pairs perfectly with the Control Panel CSS and Control Panel JS plugins!

After you've installed the plugin, go to:

  • Settings > Plugins > Control Panel Body Classes

From the settings page, you can select which classes you want to use:

These special classes will now be included in the <body> tag of the CP. You can use these classes to manipulate the CSS & JavaScript of the Control Panel however you choose.

But why?

Because there are a million things that you may want to do in your control panel, and many of them are conditional. Perhaps you want your CSS (or JS) to only take effect for a certain user group, or only on a specific page. Use these special classes to hone in on your targets with precision!

This plugin is designed to work in tandem with Control Panel CSS and/or Control Panel JS.


It's important to note that showing/hiding fields via CSS and JavaScript is purely cosmetic. Those fields may remain accessible to a savvy user, so don't rely on this plugin to guarantee access/denial of any DOM elements. We accept no liability for any security issues arising from the use of this plugin.

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