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A barebones, clean and minimalist WordPress Boilerplate, developed at Dots United as a foundation for modern, maintainable and lightning fast WordPress based projects.

A Demo is available here.



Create new project with

composer create-project dotsunited/wordpress-boilerplate my-project


Be careful when using plugins which depend on jQuery.

Gravity Forms for example will enqueue jquery once a form is embedded into a post or page.

In this case, you might include the form via an iFrame. You can use the gravity-forms-iframe plugin for easier integration.


It is recommended to use local webfonts and not from external CDN's like Google Fonts.

You can use webfont-dl to download webfonts from Google.

webfont-dl --out assets/main/core/fonts/fonts.css --font-out=assets/main/core/fonts/ --woff1=link


Copyright (c) 2015-2016 Dots United GmbH. Released under the MIT license.