DotKernel wrapper that sits on top of mezzio-hal package and resolves the doctrine proxy issues.

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Provides metadata and strategies for extracting and rendering Doctrine entities. This package is a wrapper for mezzio/mezzio-hal which addresses the doctrine entity proxy metadata issue when using mezzio/mezzio-hal to generate HAL responses.


  • PHP >= 8.1
  • mezzio/mezzio-hal >= ^2.4


Run the following command in your project root directory

$ composer require dotkernel/dot-doctrine-metadata

Next, register the package's ConfigProvider to your application config.


Note : Make sure to register the package in the // DK packages section.

Migrating from previous integrations

To migrate from previous integrations please follow the below steps, in order:

  • Remove the previous fork from composer.json at the repositories key :
    "type": "vcs",
    "url": ""
  • Remove "mezzio/mezzio-hal" package from composer.json
  • Delete composer.lock
  • Run $ composer require dotkernel/dot-doctrine-metadata
  • Register the package’s ConfigProvider in /config/config.php in the //DK Packages section Dot\DoctrineMetadata\ConfigProvider::class,