This library offers an interface for message broker producers and consumers to report stats.

v0.0.3 2014-05-20 16:05 UTC


This library offers an interface to interact with the various stat tracking tools that we will be using with the message broker.

Add via Composer

Add to a project through Composer in the composer.json:

  "require": {
    "dosomething/mb-stat-tracker": "v0.0.2"

StatHat - Usage

StatHat basic value tracking that can either be incremented as a counter or averaged over time.

Create the StatHat Object

  • The $stathat_ez_key is the EZ key linked to your StatHat account.
  • The second parameter of the constructor (in this case 'stat-name-base:')is the base name of the stat. If no subset stat is defined, then stats will just get reported to this stat name alone.
  • The ':' at the end of the stat's base name is not required. But it is a convention we're going with on the message broker.
use DoSomething\MBStatTracker\StatHat;

$statHat = new StatHat($stathat_ez_key, 'stat-name-base:');

Enable for Production

Maybe this is a bad design decision, but by default, stats won't get reported to the StatHat servers. This was done so dev stats don't mix with production stats. Again, maybe a bad design decision. But for now, you'll have to explicitly enable it if you want stats reported.


Add Additional Stats

(optional) If necessary, secondary stat names can be reported to and will be grouped separately in the StatHat reports. The following would create 3 separate stat names stat-name-base: stat name 1, stat-name-base: stat name 2, and stat-name-base: stat name 3:

$statHat->addStatName('stat name 1');
$statHat->addStatName('stat name 2');
$statHat->addStatName('stat name 3');

Report the Stats

Only one of the following should be used for each stat name:

  • Add $count to the value of a stat name:
  • Add $value to a stat name. StatHat will calculate the average:

Report Different Stats

To report different stats to different stat names, create different instances of the StatHat object.

$sh1A = new StatHat($ez_key, 'stat-base-1');
$sh1A->addStatName('name A');

$sh1B = new StatHat($ez_key, 'stat-base-1');
$sh1B->addStatName('name B');

$sh2 = new StatHat($ez_key, 'stat-base-2');
$sh2->addStatName('name name name');

StatHat - Checking Reports

After logging into the StatHat account, reported stats can be viewed here:

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