Allows embedding of a simple Photoswipe-powered gallery on a page

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v1.0 2019-10-15 11:07 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-15 21:05:46 UTC


Provides a simple way to embed a responsive image gallery on a page using the Photoswipe library.

Includes gallery functionality along with a lazy-loader for the thumbnails to help with page-load efficiency.

If you are using Elemental, a version of this add-on to work in a page block can be found here:


  • Silverstripe 4.x
  • bummzack/sortablefile

The front-end code currently requires jQuery to work. If you don't already have it on your site, it can be added with a simple requirements call, eg:



  • Install the code with composer require dorsetdigital/silverstripe-photoswipe
  • Run a dev/build?flush to update your project


By default, the module doesn't add anything to your site. You can choose which page types you want extend with the addition of a yml config file. You will need to add an extension to the Page class itself and to its controller for all the features to work. The sample below adds gallery functionality to the base page class, so it would be available on any pages which extend that:

Name: photoswipe-gallery

    - DorsetDigital\SilverstripePhotoswipe\ControllerExtension

    - DorsetDigital\SilverstripePhotoswipe\PageExtension

To add the gallery to your actual page, you also need to add a new template variable, eg:

<div class="mygalleryholder">

The template which produces the standard gallery markup can be overridden, but please note that some of the markup structure is required to make everything work!