Objects for use with the ARIN Registry-RWS.

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Objects for use with the ARIN Registry-RWS.

Primary ARIN objects

These objects are meant to request or submit data using the API service.


This object holds one-time customer data for use in a Simple Reassignment.


This object holds organisational customer data for use in a Detailed Reassignment. It can be used for reallocations or reassignments where the Simple Reassignment does not cut it (e.g. abuse handling, management of customer data), although it comes with some issues in your ARIN online account.


The customer data to be used in Org objects or Net objects from a detailed reassignment.

The Phone payload may be used to add phone data to a Poc object.


Used for setting DNS data.


The authentication data for ARIN's RPKI implementation.

Ticket, Message

Read and answer ARIN tickets without logging into the ARIN online account.

Response-only objects


The returned object when there was a problem with the request.

Note, for some errors (often for invalid URLs) the webservice may return a web page instead.


The returned object when deleting a network.


A container object for payloads. Used when searching for tickets/phone contacts.

Basic payload methods

Building the object from XML

// $xml may be a string, a SimpleXML object, a DOMDocument instance, or a DOM root element
$object = Payload::fromXML($xml);

Getting XML from the object

$xml = $object->xmlSerialize(); // returns an XML string

Getting data into or out of the object

$poc = new Poc;

// test if a certain property exists
$poc->has('city');              // true

// set a property's value
$poc->set('city', 'Chantilly'); // set the city value
$poc['city'] = 'Chantilly';

// get a property object
$poc->attr('city');             // an Element instance for the 'city' value

// get the property's value
$poc->get('city');              // 'Chantilly'

// access nested objects
$poc['country']['code2'] = 'US';

When you clone an object, all properties that are generated by ARIN (object handles, creation dates, etc.) are removed from the copy.