Simple JavaScript Ticker Graph using the Quorum JS Installer

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Ticker Image Example

Simple JavaScript Real Time "Ticker Graph"

Requires no external libraries. It is require-able with RequireJS but RequireJS is by no means required.

Dead simple, should work in any browser that supports the <canvas> tag.

Here are some more examples.


  • Auto Scales to min and max values.
  • Color set-able per column via callback.

Dead Simple Example

To output a simple sine wave like so: Small Ticker Sine Wave Example

<script src="src/TickerGraph.js"></script>
<canvas id="cv" width="100" height="40"></canvas>
	var t = new TickerGraph( document.getElementById("cv") );
	var i = 0;
		t.push( Math.sin(i++ / 10) );
	}, 20);