This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the slickdeals/statsd package instead.

a PHP client for statsd

3.0.2 2020-01-03 14:24 UTC


⚠️ This repo is abandoned and will no longer be maintained. Please use slickdeals/statsd instead.

A PHP client library for the statistics daemon (statsd) intended to send metrics from PHP applications.

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The best way to install statsd-php is to use Composer and add the following to your project's composer.json file:

    "require": {
        "domnikl/statsd": "~3.0"


$connection = new \Domnikl\Statsd\Connection\UdpSocket('localhost', 8125);
$statsd = new \Domnikl\Statsd\Client($connection, "test.namespace");

// the global namespace is prepended to every key (optional)

// simple counts
$statsd->count("", 1000);

When establishing the connection to statsd and sending metrics, errors will be suppressed to prevent your application from crashing.

If you run statsd in TCP mode, there is also a \Domnikl\Statsd\Connection\TcpSocket adapter that works like the UdpSocket except that it throws a \Domnikl\Statsd\Connection\TcpSocketException if no connection could be established. Please consider that unlike UDP, TCP is used for reliable networks and therefor exceptions (and errors) will not be suppressed in TCP mode.


// timings
$statsd->timing("", 320);
$statsd->time("", function() {
    // code to be measured goes here ...

// more complex timings can be handled with startTiming() and endTiming()
// more complex code here ...

Memory profiling

// memory profiling
// some complex code goes here ...

// report peak usage


statsd supports gauges, arbitrary values which can be recorded.

This method accepts both absolute (3) and delta (+11) values.

NOTE: Negative values are treated as delta values, not absolute.

// Absolute value
$statsd->gauge('foobar', 3);

// Pass delta values as a string. 
// Accepts both positive (+11) and negative (-4) delta values.
$statsd->gauge('foobar', '+11'); 


statsd supports sets, so you can view the uniqueness of a given value.

$statsd->set('userId', 1234);

disabling sending of metrics

To disable sending any metrics to the statsd server, you can use the Domnikl\Statsd\Connection\Blackhole connection 
class instead of the default socket abstraction. This may be incredibly useful for feature flags. Another options is to use Domnikl\Statsd\Connection\InMemory connection class, that will collect your messages but won't actually send them.


Original author: Dominik Liebler Several other contributors - Thank you!