Craft Iconpicker field type that offers end-users an easy way to pick an icon/symbol from a .woff or .ttf font file.

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1.0.5 2018-08-07 09:44 UTC

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Last update: 2023-06-06 11:40:26 UTC


Craft plugin that provides a new field type that offers users an easy way to pick an icon from a .woff or .ttf font file. You can easily use ionicons or font awesome icons

Note: This plugin may become a paid add-on when the Craft Plugin store becomes available.


  • Craft 3.0 (beta 20)+
  • PHP 7.0+
  • PhenX PHP Font Lib
  • One or more .ttf or .woff files


Example of the field usage in the template for a cms user


Example of the selection popup



  1. Install with Composer

    composer require dolphiq/iconpicker
  2. Install plugin in the Craft Control Panel under Settings > Plugins

  3. Add the plugin assets to your application by adding the following line at the begin of your template:

     {% do view.registerAssetBundle("plugins\\dolphiq\\iconpicker\\assets\\sharedAsset") %}
  4. Add the fonts you want to the following directory

  5. The Iconpicker Field type will be available when adding a new field - Settings > Fields > Add new field

Creating a field with the iconpicker field type

  1. Choose the Iconpicker Field type
  2. When adding a new field with the Iconpicker Field type, you can choose which font you want to use for that field from the dropdown

Using the iconpicker field type

  1. Add the field to a field layout (for example to a section)
  2. You can now choose an icon when creating or updating a section

Usage sample in twig template

Quick example code

    {% do view.registerAssetBundle("plugins\\dolphiq\\iconpicker\\assets\\sharedAsset") %}
    <html style="padding: 0; margin: 0;">

        {{ head() }}



    {{ beginBody() }}

    {% if entry.iconPickerField.icon %}
        Hex: {{ entry.iconPickerField.icon }}<br>
        {{ entry.iconPickerField.iconSpan|raw }}
    {% endif %}

    {{ endBody() }}


Display an icon with a custom class:

<span class='{{ entry.iconClass }} myCustomClass'>{{ entry.iconChar }}</span>
Properties of the icon field
  1. Get the icon unicode (decimal)

    {{ entry.fieldName.icon }}
  2. Get the icon unicode (hexadecimal)

    {{ entry.fieldName.iconHex }}
  3. Display the icon as html character &#00000

    {{ entry.fieldName.iconChar|raw }}
  4. Display the icon as html character hex &#xf100

    {{ entry.fieldName.iconCharHex|raw }}
  5. Display the icon as span with character and font class

    {{ entry.fieldName.iconSpan|raw }}
  6. Get the icon font class

    {{ entry.fieldName.iconClass }}
  7. Conditional example of showing icon only when it is set

    {% if entry.fieldName.icon %}
         {{ entry.fieldName.iconSpan|raw }}
    {% endif %}

Iconpicker Roadmap

  • Select and upload the fonts in the UI
  • Enable (name) search while picking an icon

Contributors & Developers

Lucas Weijers - Original developer Johan Zandstra - Minor changes Brought to you by Dolphiq