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Craft Location picker

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1.0.0 2018-03-13 14:29 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-12 23:03:54 UTC


A location field that lets you pick a location and shows it on google maps. You also have the possibility to group multiple chosen locations.

Note: This plugin may become a paid add-on when the Craft Plugin store becomes available.


  • Craft 3.0 (beta 28)+
  • PHP 7.0+
  • Google Maps API Key


  1. Install with Composer

    composer require dolphiq/craft3-locationpicker
  2. Install plugin in the Craft Control Panel under Settings > Plugins

  3. The Location Field type will be available when adding a new field - Settings > Fields > Add new field

Creating a field with the location field type

  1. Choose the Location Field type
  2. Save the field

Using the location field type

  1. Add the field to a field layout (for example to a section)
  2. You can now choose an location when creating or updating a section by clicking on the Pick location button
  3. When clicking this button you will get a popup. Type the adress to search for a location.
  4. You will now get a dropdown list. Click on one of the options in the dropdownlist to choose a location.
  5. The location will be shown on the map below
  6. Click on the red Select button in the bottom right corner of the popup to use the choosen location in the entry.
  7. If you click cancel or dismiss the popup the choosen location will not be set in the entry.

Usage sample to display a map with one location

Display a google map with the choosen location in a twig template

{{ entry.fieldName.getMap() }}
Properties of the icon field
  1. Get the location address (string)

    {{ entry.fieldName.address }}
  2. Get the location latitude

    {{ }}   
  3. Get the location longitude

    {{ entry.fieldName.long }}
  4. Display a map with the location. Options is an array, see options part

    {{ entry.fieldName.getMap()|raw }}

Usage sample to display a map with more locations

To display more locations on the same map (a marker for every location), we use the twig function dolphiqMap. Lets say we have a structure called hospitals with entries that each have a location field. To display a map with all locations do the following in a twig template:

{% set hospitals = craft.entries.section('hospitals').all() %}
{% set locations = {} %}

{% for hospital in hospitals %}

    {% set locations = locations|merge({(loop.index) : hospital.location}) %}
{% endfor %}

{{ dolphiqMap(locations, {width:'100%', height:'500px'})|raw }}

Properties and options

Properties of the dolphiqMap(locations, options) function

Property Type Description
locations array Should be an array or a multidemensional array for more locations with at least a lat and long attribute for each location
options array An array with one of the following options
Map Options
Option Type Default Description
width string 100% The width of the google map. In css units. So you can use percentage as wel as pixels
height string 500px The height of the google map. In css units. So you can use percentage as wel as pixels

Contributors & Developers

Lucas Weijers - Original developer

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