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Abstraction for creating a grid of content in a terminal window

Ever wanted to create say, a game of chess in PHP in the terminal, but couldn't be bothered to make a grid? No? I thought not.

If you did decide you wanted to do such a thing, this project might be helpful to you. It uses all the assorted box character unicode stuff to generate a half reasonable grid.

// Usage is something like this
$gridRenderer = \Dolondro\TheGrid\GridRenderer::create();

There's a half baked example which gives you a decent idea of how to use it in examples/test.php and if you need guidance and here's a copied comment that explains what the format of a cell should look like:

// Create expects a multi-dimensional array. Each "cell" in the array should either be:
// 1. null    (will result in nothing being rendered)
// 2. a value (like the number 5 or what have you)
// 3. an array like so: [$value, $colour]. Colour should be in ansi style format (like "\033[31m").
//    a comprehensive list of them can be accessed directly from Color::COLOR_BLAH

Good luck have have fun!