Extend Laravel 7's generators scaffold.

4.0.2 2020-04-25 00:20 UTC


Hi, this is a scaffold generator for Laravel 7. You can Create Basic CRUD application by using this package.

Demo & Screen Capture

Demo Site

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The CRUD application generated by this package has the following features.

[ General ]

  • In addition to the basic CRUD (create, detail, update, delete), there is a "Duplicate" function.
  • Adopted Bootstrap for display
  • Describe application configuration in setting file -> Automatic generation completed by command execution.
  • it is possible to create One-to-many and many-to-many relation between two models
  • The main creation files are model, controller, migration, seeding, view
  • You can use this package with laravel auth.

[ Index Page ]

  • Refine search available
  • You can sort by each item.(Except for many-to-many relation column)
  • Pager function.
  • You can set columns Display or non-display in the initial setting file.
  • When deleting, there is confirmation.

[ Create / Edit / Duplication ]

  • Input format can be selected from input or textarea
  • However, a column with belongsto relation displays a pulldown. And a column with many-to-many relation displays checkboxes.

Latest Release note

Ver 4.0.0 Renewal for laravel 7
Ver 3.0.0 Renewal
Ver 2.6.0 Add Varidation and keep old input value.

How to installation and execution

Step 1: Installing laravel/ui package through Composer and create bootstrap

composer require laravel/ui
php artisan ui bootstrap

if you want to use laravel auth, use below

composer require laravel/ui
php artisan ui bootstrap --auth

Step 2: Installing package through Composer

composer require dog-ears/crud-d-scaffold

Step 3: Run Artisan!

You're all set. Run php artisan from the console, and you'll see the new commands below.

- 'crud-d-scaffold:setup' : Setup crud-d-scaffold with bootstrap 3

This completes the preparation.
Let's register the sample.

Step 4: Crud-D-Scaffold

(i) Copy /vendor/dog-ears/crud-d-scaffold/crud-d-scaffold_case0010.json to your laravel project root
cp ./vendor/dog-ears/crud-d-scaffold/crud-d-scaffold_case0010.json ./crud-d-scaffold.json
(ii) run crud-d-scaffold:setup
php artisan crud-d-scaffold:setup -f

Overwriting the file with -f option.
For the first time, the f option is unnecessary. (No problem with putting on) It is recommended to back up with git before set up scaffold.

(iii) run npm install and npm run dev
npm install
npm run dev
(iv) run migration and seeding
php artisan migrate
php artisan db:seed

It's all over.
Please check your application.

If you want to modify the application structure, After running [migrate: rollback], delete the migration file (/ database / migrations /) and then execute [ Crud-d-scaffold: setup-f ]

How to create crud-d-scaffold.json

see crud-d-scaffold_case00XX.json

  • /.../ It is treated as a comment.

and now you can create crud-d-scaffold.json from this site.



-f, --force Overwrite the file. (If there is an existing file in the absence of the option, processing stops there.)

Usage notes

  • You can use laravel auth. At first [ php artisan make:auth ] and run crud-d-scaffold.
  • Column names, model names, etc. are automatically converted according to the convention of laravel, so it is not possible to create singular and plural models at the same time.

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