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Laravel 7 Admin Panel Settings Plugin for lazy developers.

Contains : -

  • Setting Management System


Run Composer Require Command

composer require doctype_admin/settings

Then migrate database

php artisan migrate

To use specific seed use(publish them first)

php artisan db:seed --class=SettingsTableSeeder

If you want to modify Stuffs do..

Install package assets

Install all assets

php artisan DoctypeAdminSetting:install -a

This command will publish

  • config file named Setting.php
  • views files of setting
  • migrations files
  • seed files

Install config file only

php artisan DoctypeAdminSetting:install -c

Install view files only

php artisan DoctypeAdminSetting:install -f

Install migrations files only

php artisan DoctypeAdminSetting:install -m

Install seed files only

php artisan DoctypeAdminSetting:install -d


If seed class is not found try running composer dump-autoload

To add the package route link to be accesable from sidemenu just add following on config/adminlte.php under key 'menu'

            'text' => 'Setting',
            'icon' => 'fas fa-cog',
            'url' => 'admin/setting'

Setting Plugin Consists following input fields

  • Text Field
  • Rich Textarea
  • Image
  • Select
  • Radio
  • Checkbox

How to access setting value ?

We can access setting's assigned value globally by simply using blade directive like

{{@setting('setting_name')}} // setting_name is one you make while you are creating setting (should be lower cap with space replaced by underscore(_) : Recommended)


if we have a setting and you name that setting "Site name" then to use the value assigned to that setting use



It uses JSON object to customize the input fields.

Customization Objects

Objects Function
value Retives all featured posts
placeholder Gives the input field placeholder
class Adds the given class
id Adds the given id
style Gives the styling
default Makes the mention value as default value eg like in select dropdown or checkbox
checked Makes the checkbox checked as default
options Options given for select options, radio options


Simple Text Field Setting Customization

  "class" : "my_class",
  "id" : "my_id",
  "value" : "Doctype Admin",
  "placeholder" : "Site Title Here!!",
  "style" : {
    "color" : "red"

Simple Rich Textarea Setting Customization

  "class" : "my_class",
  "id" : "another_id",
  "placeholder" : "Rich Text Placeholder",
  "style" : {
    "color" : "red"

Simple Select Field Setting Customization

  "default" : "1",
  "options" : {
    "1" : "option 1",
    "2" : "option 2"

Simple Radio Field Setting Customization Note type object is mandatory defining whetjer the value to be stored is integer or string type

  "type" : "integer",
   "checked" : "1",
  "options" : {
  "1" : "Pratik Shrestha",
  "2" : "DRH2SO4"
"style": {
  "color" : "red"

Simple Image Field Setting Customization

  "image" : {
    "fit" : {
      "width" : "300",
      "height" : "300"
    "quality" : "80"


When using select and radio giving options object in customization is mandatory

Admin Panel Screenshot

Doctype Admin Setting Doctype Admin Setting Doctype Admin Setting


  • Better Confile File Control
  • Maintainabilty
  • More flexible customization
  • Adding Exceptions

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