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A TYPO3 CMS extension to translate pages, content and records with DeepL

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v12.7.0 2024-05-13 10:45 UTC


This projects contains a TYPO3 CMS extnsions that uses DeepL official PHP API library to translate TYPO3 content to various languages. DeepL is possibly the best available online translator on the Internet.

Differences from other similar extensions are:

  • No legacy code (the extension is made from scratch for TYPO3 11/12)
  • The extension uses official API instead of https calls
  • The extension allows to manage & use glossaries in an easy way
  • The code is minimalistic to make sure very little of needs to be changed in future


  1. Install using composer:
composer req "dmitryd/dd-deepl"
  1. Add static Typoscript from EXT:dd_deepl/Configuration/TypoScript/
  2. Add DeepL API key either to TypoScript or to the TYPO3_DEEPL_API_KEY environment variable. You can get the key by registering with DeepL.

Warning! Due to dependencies on various 3rd party packages, this extension works only if TYPO3 is installed in composer mode. There will be no support for non-composer installations.


When you translate the page or content, you will see an additional option for using DeepL for translations.

In the List module each language button is duplicated with a small DeepL overlay on it. Clicking this button will localize and translate the record using DeepL. Only tables with names starting from tx_ can be translated (so no luck for tt_address, for example).


The extension is copyright (c) by Dmitry Dulepov, 2023.

Contact me by email if you need a custom TYPO3 extension made for you.