Minifies HTML of Silverstripe HTTP responses

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0.1.0 2017-11-20 22:47 UTC

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Minifies the HTML of SilverStripe HTTP responses.


  • SilverStripe 4.x


Define HTML minification settings for your project in mysite/_config/config.yml. These are the default values:

    doOptimizeViaHtmlDomParser: true               // optimize html via "HtmlDomParser()"
    doRemoveComments: true                         // remove default HTML comments (depends on "doOptimizeViaHtmlDomParser(true)")
    doSumUpWhitespace: true                        // sum-up extra whitespace from the Dom (depends on "doOptimizeViaHtmlDomParser(true)")
    doRemoveWhitespaceAroundTags: false            // remove whitespace around tags (depends on "doOptimizeViaHtmlDomParser(true)")
    doOptimizeAttributes: true                     // optimize html attributes (depends on "doOptimizeViaHtmlDomParser(true)")
    doRemoveHttpPrefixFromAttributes: true         // remove optional "http:"-prefix from attributes (depends on "doOptimizeAttributes(true)")
    doRemoveDefaultAttributes: false               // remove defaults (depends on "doOptimizeAttributes(true)" | disabled by default)
    doRemoveDeprecatedAnchorName: true             // remove deprecated anchor-jump (depends on "doOptimizeAttributes(true)")
    doRemoveDeprecatedScriptCharsetAttribute: true // remove deprecated charset-attribute - the browser will use the charset from the HTTP-Header, anyway (depends on "doOptimizeAttributes(true)")
    doRemoveDeprecatedTypeFromScriptTag: true      // remove deprecated script-mime-types (depends on "doOptimizeAttributes(true)")
    doRemoveDeprecatedTypeFromStylesheetLink: true // remove "type=text/css" for css links (depends on "doOptimizeAttributes(true)")
    doRemoveEmptyAttributes: true                  // remove some empty attributes (depends on "doOptimizeAttributes(true)")
    doRemoveValueFromEmptyInput: true              // remove 'value=""' from empty <input> (depends on "doOptimizeAttributes(true)")
    doSortCssClassNames: true                      // sort css-class-names, for better gzip results (depends on "doOptimizeAttributes(true)")
    doSortHtmlAttributes: true                     // sort html-attributes, for better gzip results (depends on "doOptimizeAttributes(true)")
    doRemoveSpacesBetweenTags: false               // remove more (aggressive) spaces in the dom (disabled by default)

And extend any ContentControllers to enable HTML minification for the index output of that controller:

    - dmcb\HTMLMinification\Extensions\HTMLMinificationExtension