ZF2 module to check & demonstrate the DluTwBootstrap module (Twitter Bootstrap UI - forms, navigation, etc.)

0.1.2 2012-12-15 11:29 UTC



The DluTwBootstrap Demo ZF2 module demonstrates the capabilities of the DluTwBootstrap module. The Demo shows the rendered output 'side by side' with the source code used the produce that output. It's the quickest way to get to grips with the module.

If you are new to DluTwBootstrap, first go to http://apps.zfdaily.com/dlutwbootstrap-demo to see it in action on-line.

Installation - manual

You need to have the DluTwBootstrap module installed!

  1. Go to your project's directory.
  2. Clone this project into your ./vendor directory as a DluTwBootstrapDemo module:

    git clone https://bitbucket.org/dlu/dlutwbootstrap-demo.git ./vendor/DluTwBootstrapDemo

  3. Follow the Post installation steps bellow

Installation - with Composer

  1. Go to your project's directory.
  2. Edit your composer.json file and add "dlu/dlutwbootstrapdemo": "dev-master" into require section.
  3. Run php composer.phar install (or php composer.phar update).
  4. Follow the Post installation steps bellow

Post installation steps

  1. Copy everything from the DluTwBootstrap and DluTwBootstrapDemo modules public directories to <your app>/public.
  2. Enable the modules in your app config file <your app>/config/application.config.php:

    • add 'DluTwBootstrap', under modules
    • add 'DluTwBootstrapDemo', under modules

Check and Demo

Check that everything is working properly by going to the demo page: http://<your-machine>/tw-bootstrap-demo

Explore the main menu to see the DluTwBootstrap module in action.


You can keep the Demo module in your project's ./vendor/ directory even when the project is in production. Just disable the Demo module in your ./config/application.config.php. If you ever need to check anything in the Demo, just temporarily enable it.