Add missing feature to list issues mentioning me in Github's organization dashboard!

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Command line dashboard for GitHub

GitHub has a very nice organization dashboard where you can see all issues of the repositories of the org and use some filters to control issues "Assigned to you" and "Created by you". Unfortunately there's no "Mentioning you" like when browsing issues in a single repository. And this sucks, because I use a lot the org dashboard to have an overview of all the issues I need to look at.

I pinged @github on Twitter a couple of times reporting this missing feature with no results, then wrote them using their contact form and quickly got a reply telling me that they "added a +1 to this on our internal Feature Request List" but also "We can't promise if we may add this, however your feedback is definitely appreciated". Thanks for you honesty.

I then looked at the API and found that filtering for mentioned issues looks quite easy so I decided to write some code in order to consume the API and get a CLI tool to solve the issue.

gh-dashboard output

If you want to read a more in depth story about gh-dashboard you can do it on this blog post.


1) Installing system-wide using composer (recommended)

$ composer global require dlondero/gh-dashboard=dev-master@dev

If it is the first time you globally install a dependency then make sure you include ~/.composer/vendor/bin in $PATH as shown here.

Always keep your gh/dashboard installation up to date:
$ composer global update dlondero/gh-dashboard

2) Installing manually:

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Link gh-dashboard in order to use it from wherever you need ln -s ~/yourpath/gh-dashboard/bin/gh-dashboard /usr/local/bin/gh-dashboard


On the first run you will be asked for an access token and some defaults (organization, filter and state) which will be used when running gh-dashboard without specifying any option.


Use default organization and filter issues showing the ones where you are mentioned and in open status.

$ gh-dashboard

Or specify the parameters you want

$ gh-dashboard [--organization="..."] [--filter="..."] [--state="..."]

you can see available filters and states on the API documentation.