Yii2 jQuery action hooks

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2.0 2017-02-07 09:00 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-11 17:51:05 UTC


Action hooks is simple jQuery helper library. Used when jQuery operation like show, hide, toggle, ... are required to attach with conditional ability.


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

$ composer require dlds/yii2-jqhooks

or add

"dlds/yii2-jqhooks": "~1.0"

to the require section of your composer.json file.


You want to show 'overlay' html element when user clicks on 'trigger' html element. With Action hooks you have to do:

  1. Register hook
<div class="my-custom-overlay-class" data-hook="overlay"></div>
  1. Register trigger
<a class="my-custom-trigger-class" data-had="{"click":[["show","overlay"]]}"></div>

Each registered hook must have data-hook="{hookName}" attribute. Each trigger element must have data-had="{hookActionDefinition}" attribute


Hook action definition (data-had) format:

  'jqEevent' => [
    ['hookActionName' 'hookName', 'hookActionCondition'],


  1. jqEvent is classic jQuery event like 'change', 'click', ...
  2. hookActionName is jqhooks aciton method name (doClose, doOpen, doToggle, ...).
  3. hookName is custom string which reflects value of 'data-hook' attr assigned to target element
  4. hookActionCondition callback or simple fn definition which will be processed as js function. This condition allows you to define when the action will be processed.


  1. doOpen add class 'open' to hooked element
  2. doClose remove class 'open' to hooked element
  3. doShow shows hooked element (calls $.show())
  4. doHide hides hooked element (calls $.hide())
  5. doToggle toggles hooked element (calls $.toggle())
  6. doCheck adds property 'checked=true' to hooked element
  7. doUncheck rmeoves property 'checked=true' to hooked element

Ternary usage

You can specify ternary condition like following:

  'click' => [
      ['show:hide' 'overlay', 'return this.val() === 1'],

This definitios runs 'show' action if clicked element value === 1 otherwise it runs 'hide' action.


You can simple use JqHooks::attach() which registeres proper js and runs initialization on document ready.

  'click' => [
      ['show:hide' 'overlay', 'return this.val() === 1'],