Parsing and creating url with arguments pretified as well instead of in query string format

v1.0.0 2020-04-30 14:19 UTC

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Last update: 2020-04-30 15:08:49 UTC


Parsing and creating url with arguments pretified as well instead of in query string format. Route and argument segments of url are separated by the UrlManager->routeParam


  1. Argument is prettified only if its name is declared as action method parameter otherwise it stay in query string format;

  2. Arguments are orderer by the way corresponding action method parameters are declared;

  3. Optional Argument nth binds to its corresponding action method parameter only if all arguments --nth are explicitly passed. --nth argments are inserted at their respective places in created url if were nor explicit;

  4. Arguments less than required or more than action method parameters show 404


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist djidji/yii2-default-url-rule "*"

or add

"djidji/yii2-default-url-rule": "*"

to the require section of your composer.json file.


Once the extension is installed, simply use it in your code by declaring in rules of Urlmanager :

'rules' => [
    // ...other url rules...
        'class' => 'djidji\DefaultUrlRule',
        // complete file path to save routes.
        'routesFile' => '@app/config/routes.php'


class PostController extends Controller
    public function actionIndex($category,$year=2015,$tag='')

    public function actionView($id)


To create Url

  • Url::to(['post/index', 'year' => 2014, 'category' => 'php']) creates /index.php/post/index/r/php/2014 ;

  • Url::to(['post/index', 'category' => 'php']) creates /index.php/post/index/r/php;

  • Url::to(['post/index', 'category' => 'php','tag'=>'programming']) creates /index.php/post/index/r/php/2015/programming. default value of parameter 'year' is inserted at its place;

  • Url::to(['post/index','year' => 2014]) result to false because the argument for required $category parameter is not passed;

  • Url::to(['post/view', 'id' => 100]) creates /index.php/post/view/r/100 ;

  • Url::to(['post/view', 'id' => 100, 'source' => 'ad']) creates creates /index.php/post/view/r/100?source=ad. Because "source" argument is not declared as actionView methoth, it is appended as a query parameter in the created URL.

To parse Url

  • /index.php/post/index result to false because actionIndex has required firs parameter that need argments to be passed.

  • /index.php/post/index/r/php is parsed to ['post/index', ['category' => 'php']] ;

  • /index.php/post/index/r/php/2015/programming is parsed to ['post/index', ['category' => 'php','tag'=>'programming','year'=>2015]] ;

  • /index.php/post/index/r/php/programming is parsed to ['post/index', ['category' => 'php','year'=>'programming']] ;

  • /index.php/post/view/r/100?source=ad is parsed to ['post/view', ['id' => 100]];

  • /index.php/post/view/r/100/ad?source=ad result to false because actionView method expect one argment instead of two.