Simple WordPress pagination service provider.

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Last update: 2020-03-24 06:18:39 UTC


A package for the Themosis framework that implements some basic utilities for pagination to make it a little easier to work with (rather than being bound by WordPress' markup and classes.)


Install through composer: - composer require keltiecochrane/themosis-pagination

Copy the config/pagination.config.php to your theme/resources/config directory, and configure as appropriate.

Register the service provider in your theme/resources/config/providers.php file: - KeltieCochrane\Pagination\PaginationServiceProvider::class,


Call the helper function kc_pagination(), which returns a KeltieCochrane\Pagination\Pagination object. The object contains the pagination navigation items in an Illuminate\Support\Collection object. You can call Collection methods on the Pagination object, they will be mapped to the underlying Collection. The Pagination class also implements Countable, ArrayAccess, and ArrayIterator, so you can interact with items more conveniently.

Each item is an array as follows: -

    'url' => bool|string, // Either the items URL or false if it doesn't have one.
    'class' => string, // Classes to be applied to the item.
    'text' => string, // The text for the item.


   * Helper function that maps to app('pagination')->make($args, $query)
   * @param  null|array $args        optional args, see codex paginate_links function reference
   * @param  null|\WP_Query $query   optional query, by default will use global $wp_query
   * @return \Illuminate\Support\Collection
  kc_pagination($args, $query = null);


This package is provided as is, though we'll endeavour to help where we can.


Any contributions would be encouraged and much appreciated, you can contribute by: -

  • Reporting bugs
  • Suggesting features
  • Sending pull requests