Lets you use built-in PHP functions in camel case

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This package lets you use built-in PHP functions in camel case.


PHP Camel Caser can be easily installed using Composer. Just run the following command from the root of your project.

composer require divineomega/php-camel-caser

If you have never used the Composer dependency manager before, head to the Composer website for more information on how to get started.


After installing PHP Camel Caser, the new functions are available straight away.

Some example usage is shown below.

require_once __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';

strReplace('c', 'b', 'cat');                // bat
strWordCount("Hello world!");               // 2
inArray('Picard', ['Picard', 'Janeway']);   // true

// and so on...