simple php github api

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Very simple github API for PHP using OAuth

A github app

Make an github app under your github account -> edit profile -> apps

For my example I used:



Callback URL:


Example without composer

Clone the source or download it into a web directory

git clone git://github.com/diversen/simple-php-github-api.git github

copy config.php-dist to config.php

cp config.php-dist config.php

Edit the 3. constants according to your setup.

define('GITHUB_ID', 'github_id');
define('GITHUB_SECRET', 'github_secret');
define('GITHUB_CALLBACK_URL', 'http://cos/test/github/callback.php');

Test it:

go to http://cos/test/github/github.php (or your web path).

This example will show the user his basic profile info. This could be used to make e.g. a login system.

More github API info

For full listing of all API calls check:


I have not tested all calls - but you should be able to use all. E.g. POST, or PATCH.

Composer specifics

You can include the lib into a vendor library

edit you composer.json file

add the following to repos (after I added this to packagist I believe you don't need it anymore):

    "type": "vcs",
    "url": "https://github.com/diversen/simple-php-github-api"

add the following to the require section:

"diversen/simple-php-github-api": "1.0.2"