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Very simple github API for PHP using OAuth. 37 LOC for the API class. And a curl helper class with 84 LOC.

Install simple-php-github-api

php composer.phar require diversen/simple-php-github-api:

Or if you have placed composer.phar in your path as composer

composer require diversen/simple-php-github-api

Brief explantion.

There is really only tree methods you can do. Let us see those three methods first. (Further below is an complete example using the built-in server for easy testing).

  1. Generate an access URL to github.com
$access_config = array (
    'redirect_uri' => GITHUB_CALLBACK_URL,
    'client_id' => GITHUB_ID,
    'state' =>  md5(uniqid()),
    'scope' => 'user' 

$api = new githubapi();
$url = $api->getAccessUrl($access_config);
echo "<a href=\"$url\">Github Login</a>";
  1. Callback from github.com
$access_config = array (
    'redirect_uri' => GITHUB_CALLBACK_URL,
    'client_id' => GITHUB_ID,
    'client_secret' => GITHUB_SECRET

$api = new githubapi();
$res = $api->setAccessToken($access_config);

if ($res) {
    // OK
    This is where we will call the api
    header("Location: /api_call.php");
} else {
    // Not OK. echo errors
    echo "Could not get access token. Errors: <br />";
  1. API call

For full listing see: https://developer.github.com/v3/

// We have a access token and we can now call the api: 
$api = new githubapi();

// Simple call - API get current users credentials
// This can also be done without scope

// example
// $command = '/user', 
// $request = 'GET', 'POST' or 'PATCH' or 'DELETE' etc. Se API: 
// $post = variables to POST array

$command = "/user";
$res = $api->apiCall($command, $request = null, $post = null);
if (!$res) {
} else {

Full example

Example you can run right away using the built-in PHP-server.

Make a github app

Log into github.com

Register a new application at https://github.com/settings/developers

You will see something like this:

My settings

Create your app.

Enter base_dir of the simple-php-github-api:

cd vendor/diversen/simple-php-github-api


cp example/config.php-dist example/config.php

Edit config

Set config in example/config.php according to above settings and the screenshot above.

Run test-server with example:

php -S localhost:8080 -t example/

More github API info

For full listing of all API calls check:




I have not tested many calls - but you should be able to use all. E.g. POST, or PATCH, DELETE.


Create an issue, and Let me hear if it does not work out for you.