Pimcore bundle for Classificationstore import and export

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Pimcore5 bundle that provides import and export for classification store structure and other facilities.

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Release 1.0.0 - Pimcore 5.4.0 up to Pimcore 6.9 Release 2.0.0 - Pimcore 10.0 and higher


composer require divante-ltd/pimcore-classification-store-importer



Usage - import

bin/console divante:classificationstore:import -f path/to/file/cs_structure.csv -d ";" -c "'"

where -d ";" option stands for CSV delimiter; and -c '"' stands for field enclosure

Each row in CSV file represents single item: store, collection, group or key.

Each row is of the form: param1;value1;param2;value2;param3;value3;...

Common parameters:
  • item - one of: store, collection, group, key
  • name - name of the item
  • description - description of the item
  • store - store name of the item (for collections, groups and keys)
  • groups - comma-separated list of groups belonging to a collection (only for colections)
  • keys - comma-separated list of keys belonging to a group (only for groups)
Keys parameters:
  • type - type of key (curently supported: input, checkbox, booleanSelect, numeric, textarea, wysiwyg, select, multiselect)
  • title - key title
  • options for select and multiselect are provided like: option_text1;Color blue;option_value1;3;option_text2;Color green;option_value2;4

Other parameters depend on particular key type.

Keys' other parameters (defaults):
  • booleanSelect: yesLabel (yes), noLabel (no), emptyLabel (empty), width
Example of CSV file
item;collection;store;store1;name;col1;description;col1_descr;groups;group1_name, group2_name;;;;;;;;
item;group;store;store1;name;group1_name;description;gr1_descr;keys;key1_name,key2_name;sorter;key1_sorter_val,key2_sorter_val ;;;;;;;;;
item;group;store;store2;name;group2_name;description;gr2_descr;keys;sorter ;;;;;;;;;

Usage - export

bin/console divante:classificationstore:export -f path/to/file/cs_structure.csv -d ";"

where -d ";" option stands for CSV delimiter; and -c '"' stands for field enclosure

Export file has the same form as import file described above.

Release 1.0.0 Notes

Adds the information about 'sorter' to export file. This allows to have keys sorted within a group.


This is an internal Divante project.


The code in this project is licensed under the GPLv3 license.

Standards & Code Quality

This module respects all Pimcore5 code quality rules and our own PHPCS and PHPMD rulesets.

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