A fully-featured LDAP ORM.

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Working with LDAP doesn't need to be hard.

LdapRecord is a fully-featured Active Record ORM that makes working with LDAP directories a breeze 🍃

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Up and Running Fast

Connect to your LDAP servers and start running queries in a matter of minutes.

💡 Fluent Filter Builder

Find the LDAP objects you're looking for with a fluent LDAP filter builder.

💼 Multi-Domain Ready

Built-in connection management allows you to access multiple domains without breaking a sweat.

🔥 Supercharged Active Record

Create and modify LDAP objects with minimal code.

Active Directory Features

🚪 Enable / Disable Accounts

Detect and assign User Account Control values on accounts with the fluent Account Control builder.

🔑 Reset / Change Passwords

Built-in support for changing and resetting passwords on Active Directory accounts.

🗑 Restore Deleted Objects

We've all been there -- accidentally deleting a user or group in Active Directory. Restore them by seamlessly accessing your directory's recycle bin.

LdapRecord is Supportware™

If you require support using LdapRecord, a sponsorship is required 🙏

Thank you for your understanding ❤️

Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability within LdapRecord, please send an e-mail to Steve Bauman via

All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.


This package is directly inspired from Laravel's Eloquent, and most features are direct ports to an LDAP equivalent.

I am forever grateful for the work Taylor Otwell has produced.

If you can, support his work by purchasing a sponsorship, or one of his many Laravel based services.