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TalisMS Is a middleware styled framework with multiple Door(r) types to invoke it

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TalisMS is a PHP framework for fast prototyping systems in a Micro Service eco system

Folder structure

Talis - library/framework code
public - doc root for web servers
init - bootstrap/config code
environemnt - environment files (dev/qa/production etc)
application - business specific code, not part of the library
tests - utilities to qa/test your code
tests/lib - some utilities to enable quick demo writing

db_gems folder hosts the Rahl Commander DB assets and tests. bin folder is for backend processes / cli tools. doors folder is to handle requests from other apps/clients. application/api is where we define the Actions (good idea to have one abstract action per folder, if all actions in folder share same dependencies/filters)
application/model is where we model the business logic in a middleware way + auziliary helper classes, like IDUhubs
application/lib is low level code/library, specific for this project (otherwise, consider putting it in TalisMS)
application/aux is for auxiliary classes for specific data sources elements, like the IDUHubs