1.0.7 2014-03-21 15:09 UTC


Dependency injection for PHP

Usage Examples

$injector = new \Awin\DependencyInjection\DependencyInjector;
$injector->configureDependencyParamValue('Foo', 'param1', 'value to use in constructor');
$injector->configureDependencyParamClass('Foo', 'param2', '\Bar');
$foo = $injector->get('Foo')';

Configuration-Free Usage

Simply type-hint the constructor parameters of your dependency, and you needn't offer any configuration information to the injector - it will use reflection to figure out what is needed.


class Foo
    public function __construct(Bar $param)
$foo = $injector->get('Foo'); // Constructor param retrieved recursively from
                              // injector at this point, based on type-hint.

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