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This small Library checks various aspects of a Symfony2 DI-Container.


let composer do the job:

$ composer require digitalkaoz/container-checker

or edit your composer.json manually:

"require" : {
    "digitalkaoz/container-checker" : "*"


You can check services or parameters of your DI-Container. Services will be checked if they could be getted from the Container. Parameters which looks like ClassNames will be checked if they can be autoloaded.

Here are a few use cases:

Check Instanciation of all Services

$ bin/checker.php check:services path/to/your/AppKernel.php

or with different Environments and Scopes:

$ bin/checker.php check:services path/to/your/AppKernel.php -env=prod --scope=request

Check if all Parameters which are Class-Names can be autoloaded

$ bin/checker.php check:parameters path/to/your/AppKernel.php

or with different Environments:

$ bin/checker.php check:parameters path/to/your/AppKernel.php -env=prod


Nothing to see here, move along ;)


  • some tests
  • grep the autoloader of the loaded Kernel and ask there for a autoloadable class insteat of class_exists
  • some more sanity checks
  • Portable for other Containers (e.g. ZendDI)