dietervds/laravel4-ironcache cache service provider for Laravel 4

v1.1 2013-11-25 20:44 UTC


Implements IronCache ( as a Laravel 4 cache driver.


Add laravel4-ironcache to your composer.json file:

"require": {
  "dietervds/laravel4-ironcache": "dev-master"

Run composer to pull it in:

$ composer update

Add the service provider in app/config/app.php:



Publish the package-specific configuration file:

php artisan config:publish dietervds/laravel4-ironcache

This will create a configuration file in app/config/packages/dietervds/laravel4-ironcache/config.php.
Open it and give it the neccesary credentials and cache name.

Set your cache driver in app/config/cache.php:

'driver' => 'ironcache',


Once the above steps are complete, you can use Ironcache as you would any cache function in Laravel.
More on how to do this, check out the Laravel cache documentation:


This is my first own open-source package, so any feedback is even more welcomed then it otherwise is.
I'm looking to learn from this, so don't be shy!