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This is a bundle for Contao 4.4+. It makes working with flash messages (short lived, informal messages for a single user) very convenient.


  • 🔋 Ready to use frontend module, including style sheets and JavaScript
  • ⏳ Messages stay in session until rendered (or dismissed)
  • ⁉️ Display success, error, info and entirely custom messages
  • 👽 Advanced features for name-spacing and further customization
  • 📼 Simple and solid, works even in environments with disabled JS


Install via Contao Manager or Composer:

composer require dieschittigs/contao-flash-bundle

Basic Usage

Add a new frontend module "Flash Messages" to your page layout. This is where your messages will be displayed – at the top of the main container might be a good place.

If you want to display a message, say inside a hook method, do it like this:

// Info
Flash::info('The weather ☀️ is great today!');

// Success
Flash::success('Transaction complete.');

// Warning
Flash::warning('Wir brauchen mehr Silos!');

// Custom html message
Flash::comfirmnuke('<p>Please confirm.</p><a href="…">Yes.</a><a href="…">Nope.</a>');

ℹ️ The Flash class resides in the Contao namespace, so (probably) no use statement needed.

The messages will be saved in the users session. They wait until they are rendered in the frontend module, then they delete themselves. So you have longer running processes with multiple redirects and several messages? No problem 🕶️.

ℹ️ Messages "stack", so if you have e.g. multiple warnings, they will all be displayed once the frontend module gets displayed

The resulting HTML might look like this:

<div class="mod_flash_messages">
    <div class="flash-messages-wrapper">
        <ul class="flash-messages">
            <li class="flash-message warning">
                <i class="flash-icon"></i>
                <div class="flash-content">
                    The email address you entered was malformed …
            <li class="flash-message success">
                <i class="flash-icon"></i>
                <div class="flash-content">
                    … but we were able to fix it. Everything's fine.
                <a href="flash/clear?id=id2" class="flash-dismiss"></a>
        <div class="flash-comm">
                window.ContaoFlash = window.ContaoFlash || {};
                window.ContaoFlash.clear = [id1, id2];
                <img width="1" height="1" src="flash/clear?ids=id1,id2" />

Advanced Usage

Creating an advanced flash message

Flash::warning('Your account has been compromised.')
->setAutoDismiss(false) // User has to dismiss this message manually
->addClass(['important', 'user']) // Additional CSS classes
->setNamespace('profile') // Only show this message in modules with the matching namespace


Want to display your messages via JS? Got ya covered!

[GET] flash/get

Gets you an JSON array with all messages.

// Response
        id: 'MIW987K',
        type: 'info',
        cssClasses: ['info'],
        message: 'Item purchased',
        autoDismiss: true,
        namespace: 'checkout'

[GET] flash/clear?id={id}

Purges the message with the provided id.

[GET] flash/clear?ids={id1,id2}

Purges the messages with the provided ids.


Take a peek at Resources/public for CSS and JS.

MIT © Die Schittigs