Provides Q&A pages and Solr-based search

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This module provides FAQ functionality on top of Solr.

Just by adding the module to the project, you'll get a ModelAdmin for FAQs, where you can manage Questions & Answers. You only need to add an FAQPage type (comes with the module), and some questions and answers.

The module comes with its own Solr search index, customized to have a fuzzy search, and has its own file for stopwords and synonyms.



composer require silverstripe/faq

Run a database rebuild by visiting http://yoursite.com/dev/build. This will add the required database columns and tables for the module to function.

Ensure you have silverstripe/fulltextsearch-localsolr running (See this modules docs for starting local instance of Solr).

Run the Solr related tasks:

$ ./framework/sake dev/tasks/Solr_Configure
$ ./framework/sake dev/tasks/Solr_ReIndex
If you are using CWP

Check how to configure this module to behave like CWP-Solr on the docs.


  1. Add a FAQPage to your CMS

  2. Add an FAQ on the FAQ ModelAdmin sidebar link

  3. Wait for Solr to reindex

  4. Search your FAQ page :)




  • Get static config variables from yml files for controller
  • Pagetypes, search index and dataobjects easily extendable
  • version FAQs (?)