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This is the Backend application of the Covid-19 Project for DR Congo, a project initiated and supported by Congolese developers community around the world to help with the fight against coronavirus.

The Github reposiroty for the Client or frontend App is at:


The Web App is fully open-source and based on Symfony 4 PHP framework (backend) and Angular (frontend)


  • Dashboard: providing a Case management overview (Data provided by the DRC Ministry of Health)
  • Alerts module
  • Notification subscriptions module
  • News module

How to contribute

  • Fork the repo on your github
  • Clone your forked repo
  • Add or choose an issue at
  • Do not change a feature or function that is not relevant to your issue.
  • Make your changes
  • Commit fast, Commit often , keep it optional
  • Commit with A Clear message eg: git commit -m "[New][update][Fix] function or issue number"
  • Push your changes on your forked repo git push your_remote your_branch
  • Make a pull request to the original repo
  • If a conflict occurs when you ask Git to merge your code, try to resolve it with a new commit, if the conflict persists, please contact Samy Mwamba or Bernard Ngandu

#Software requirements PHP Version 7.4 | Mysql 5.5 and newer| Composer

Set up the App

$ composer install

## database setup create .env.local conforming with .env
$ php bin/console doctrine:database:create  
$ php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate

##run app
$ php -S localhost:8000 -t public