PHPTypesenseAdmin is a simple PHP administration panel for Typesense to connect to and manage your Typesense server.

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PHPTypesenseAdmin is a simple administration panel designed to interact with Typesense, an open-source, typo-tolerant search engine that provides instant search experiences for your applications. This project aims to provide an easy-to-use interface for managing your Typesense instance, including functionalities such as viewing collections, documents, and managing API keys.


Login Screen

Login Screen



Collections overview


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  • Health Status
  • Collections
    • List Collections
    • Create Collection
    • Update Collection
    • Delete Collection
    • Creation of Export / Import Collection curl prompts
  • API Keys
    • List Keys
    • Delete Key
    • Create Key


To get started with PHPTypesenseAdmin, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Option A: Composer create-project

The easiest way is to run composer create-project

composer create-project devproblemssolutions/phptypesenseadmin example-app

Step 1. Option B: Clone the Repository

First, clone this repository to your local machine or server. You can do this by running:

git clone
cd PHPTypesenseAdmin

Run from the newly created directory:

composer install

2. Configuration

Create an env.php file in the root directory of your project. You can do this by copying the provided env.example.php to env.php or creating a new env.php file:

cp env.example.php env.php


touch env.php

Then, open env.php and update the configuration variables accordingly:

$correctUsername = 'admin'; // CHANGE
$correctPassword = 'password'; // CHANGE

$typesenseProtocol = 'https'; // CHANGE
$typesenseApiKey = 'YOURAPIKEY'; // CHANGE
$typesenseHost = 'HOST'; // CHANGE
$typesensePort = 443; // CHANGE

Make sure to replace the placeholder values with your actual Typesense server details and desired admin login credentials.

3. Install Dependencies

Run the following command to install necessary PHP dependencies via Composer:

composer install

4. Server Configuration

For security reasons, ensure that only the public directory is accessible to web traffic. If deploying to a live server, consider running this panel locally or configuring it to be accessible only behind an IP firewall.

Important: PHPTypesenseAdmin is in its early development stages. There might still be bugs and potential security vulnerabilities. Please take this into consideration, and avoid running this software in a production environment.


After completing the installation steps, you can start using the PHPTypesenseAdmin by navigating to the public directory in your web browser. Log in using the credentials you specified in env.php to manage your Typesense instance.


Contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome. Feel free to check issues page if you want to contribute.


All use of this software is at your own risk. While effort has been made to ensure security and stability, there may still be undetected bugs or vulnerabilities. The author(s) or contributors bear no responsibility for any damage or data loss incurred.