Zend Framework 2 module that provides complete integration of HTMLPurifier library

0.1.1 2012-11-06 03:13 UTC


DevmonkHtmlpurifier is a module that integrates the HTMLPurifier filter library with Zend Framework 2 and optionally the Twig templating engine.


  1. Add "devmonk/htmlpurifier": "dev-master" to your composer.json file and run php composer.phar update.
  2. Add DevmonkHtmlpurifier to your config/application.config.php file under the modules key.


DevmonkHtmlpurifier has sane defaults out of the box but offers optional configuration via the devmonk-htmlpurifier configuration key.

`config` - passed directly to the HTMLPurifier class.
         - Added `Cache.SerializerPath` and set the default cache folder to data/cache/htmlpurifier
           Active by default.


View Helpers

DevmonkHtmlpurifier adds a view helper called 'purify' that will use the htmlpurifier with the set options.

Twig Filters

DevmonkHtmlpurifier adds a filter called 'purify' for twig templates if zf-commons/zfc-twig is installed


The module supports namespaces which can be configured using the namespaces configuration key:

'zfctwig' => array(
    'namespaces' => array(
        'admin'     => __DIR__ . '/../views/admin',
        'frontend'  => __DIR__ . '/../views/frontend',

When using a namespace the views will only be resolved to the specified namespace folder and not fallback to the View Manager resolver

Known issues

DevmonkHtmlpurifier does not support using multiple purifiers at the moment.