Easy socialite setup for laravel

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This package helps you to easily integrate your social media login and get started with

It's never been easier



This package is depending on the Socialite official laravel package.

The documentation for it can be found on the Laravel-website.

so make sure to install it first.

From the command line navigate to your Laravel Project and run:

composer require devmi/easy-socialite

Then run your migration

php artisan migrate

Note that the password column changed to be nullable on your users table

Finally use Devmi\EasySocailite\Traits\EasySocialiteTrait in your User Model


Now all what you have to do is to make a request to /login/{your-service}

By default Github, Google, Twitter, Facebook are activated, to de-activate or add a new service you need to publish the configuration file and modify it as your need

After any new social account linked to your user a Devmi\EasySocailite\SocialAccountLinked event will be fired containing the following payload

  • The user model created
  • The linked service name
  • The information sent back from the service (such as appId, avatar link ...)

So you can listen to the event and dispatch your listeners

Publishing the configuration file

From the command line navigate to your Laravel Project and run:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=easysocialite

The file will be placed under your config directory



Issues and Contribution

If you run into any bug or problem please make sure to open an issue or create a pull request, Thanks!


Bedrani Sidali

Miloudi Mohamed


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.